Waina & Company is an accomplished consulting firm dedicated to assisting entrepreneurial and established companies successfully build and execute growth profit strategies.

OUR BACKGROUND:  Waina & Company, established by Gregory D. Waina in 1984, assists small businesses and mid-market companies navigate any stage of development from entrepreneurial vision through start-up and into emerging growth.   We successfully help organizations operate and manage their business better by providing financial and operational management advice.


OUR EXPERTISEWaina & Company provides a wealth of expertise in operations, finance, marketing, and supply chain and human management.  By drawing upon experience working with a wide variety of organizations and industries, we deliver a seasoned and unique perspective.  An entrepreneurial spirit, strong business and technical skills and a mindset committed to quality and integrity benefit stakeholders of each Waina & Company engagement.


OUR APPROACHWaina & Company develops a framework that combines strategic, financial, and operational components to lead an organization through the growth and improvement process.  Our straightforward approach is diagnose, plan, implement and measure.  Waina & Company’s fundamental approach directs the execution of core business initiatives that drive growth, improve performance and increase profitability.


OUR IMPACTWaina & Company ensures: financial discipline with operational focus; rapid response and tangible improvements in cash flow, working capital management, operating margins, asset utilization, internal controls and risk mitigation; and the most effective and efficient approach to initiatives that change a business forever.  We achieve sustainable results that establish accountability, improve planning processes, develop performance metrics and scorecards, and coordinate the sales, operations, product management, and financial functions. Organizations benefit from our innovative, fast, flexible and reliable solutions as we build confidence with all stakeholders. 


OUR RELATIONSHIPWaina & Company is a relationship-based organization. We are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and competence for matters involving a business’s short-term and long-term growth.  We realize the foundation of any relationship is respect, trust, and upholding strong core values. These guiding principles are evident in our relationships with clients and their investors, lending institutions, employees, suppliers and customers. In keeping with these principles, Waina & Company treats all parties with professionalism and respect, creates trust through our actions and accountability and respects the core values, standards and practices of our clients.